Bridget Kennedy – Guess what’s in the window

Bridget Kennedy – Guess what’s in the window
1 July – 19 August 2020 – 24/7

Is it Art, is it entertainment, is it a fundraiser? Either way, you’re in with a chance. Click here for your chance to win $300!

After packing up my workshop in the early days of the pandemic to bunker down at home, bake bread, and teach my daughter to play chess whilst juggling the challenges of online schooling and pivoting business and personal projects, it occurred to me that the participatory/community aspect of my exhibition practice had been wiped out by Covid.

I’d just started researching another large installation in the ‘Just Help yourself why don’tcha’ and ‘Choice Mate’ series.  “All my large installation work relies on people touching, picking up, putting down and taking my work. What a great way to spread germs. So how do I incorporate a mist of metho or a fog of hand sanitiser into the concept?” I thought.

The space and relationship between the body and the object is an integral part of my practice but the latest brand of hand sanitiser wasn’t going to be part of the solution.

Development and research takes time and $$. Unfortunately my applications for government COVID grants have been knocked back and there’s only so much I can do on my own.

So in a bid to be proactive, I’ve reworked ‘Just Help yourself Why Don’tcha’, and a conceptual neckpiece (the origins of my love affair with beeswax) into a guessing competition and fundraiser.

In the original work, the participant exchanged $5 for a beeswax ring, often after spending considerable time on the floor trying to work out which ones had gold and silver in them. This time, rather than touching the work, it’s been transformed into a guessing competition: How many rings are in the window?

For only $5, you’ll be in with a chance to win a $300 gift voucher to the projectspace which can be redeemed online, instore, for workshops, remakeries or commissions. (It can’t be exchanged for cash and the person with the closest guess will be announced when all tickets have been sold).

You can wander by the gallery at 53 Ridge St North Sydney, watch the video online (over and over), or just take a random guess. For the price of a coffee, you’ll be helping an artist research her creative practice out of a Covid crisis, as well as be in the running for $300 in contemporary jewellery bling.

Come on, support local art and take a guess.
Please help spread the word.

wax ring installation - alternate biennale