Create your own commitment rings together – a beautiful symbol of your partnership

make your own wedding rings

After all, no other rings are more personal than the ones you’ve made together!

I offer three options to design and make your commitment and wedding rings together. All workshops are suitable for absolute beginners and pricing is for One Couple. A full one day workshop making rings from recycled silver, gold, or a shorter wax carving workshop.

Make memories together as you discover your creativity under the guidance of a professional teacher. You’ll be guided step by step to ensure your rings are of the highest professional quality.

On completion of the workshop, you’ll leave with your own special rings and the memory of having created them together—a beautiful symbol of your partnership.

Please get in touch for more information and to arrange your special day.
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Meidan & Delong

With only three weeks until their wedding, Meidan and Delong undertook our 2.5-hour workshop where they carved each other’s wedding rings from wax. These rings were then cast in gold, just in time for the ceremony! Their handmade rings will always serve as a special reminder of their love, as will the memory of creating them together.

Eban & Suma

Their wedding plans were disrupted by COVID-19 but were still able to make the time special by making each other’s wedding rings. Suma’s 9ct rose gold ring will be sprinkled with tiny pink sapphires.

David & James

They spent a day making each other’s wedding rings from scratch. We melted an existing ring, stretched and annealed the metal, measured, cut, stamped, shaped, soldered filed, and polished. The end result – a day of memories and two very special custom-made wedding rings for a very special couple.

And even more special memories…

Looks like something you and your partner would be interested in? Take a peek a our commitment ring look book for inspiration and get in touch to start planning one of many memorable days to come.