2016 – ‘Dry!’ – 13 Aug – 17 Sep – Vicki Mason

‘Dry!’ – 13  Aug – 17 Sep – Vicki Mason 

03 - Wattle flower welcome - Vicki Mason








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13th August, 4-6pm.

Open on Saturdays and by appointment.

This body of new work reflects Mason’s initial investigations into thinking about the plants adapted to survive in dry climates and the importance of water in the garden. The showy flowers of some of these dry climate plants, alongside watery motifs and having fun with words that characterise the adaptations leaves have evolved to help plants maximise their chances of survival in arid climates, are given life in these new jewels. Her fountains and pools series taps into the poetic approach to water seen in Islamic gardening traditions. These ornamental garden features bring the cool, reflective, musical and playful characteristics of water to the garden, while at the same time often serving the function of irrigating its plants.

Australia is a country where water is a precious resource that needs to be conserved.  Adapting to our environment means planting gardens that are in harmony with it and thinking anew about how we view and use water in an age of reduced precipitation and climate change.