2012 – December – Feast

Curated by Zoe Brand – The Depot Gallery

Feast celebrates the predetermied as well as the gloriously spontaneous moments that happen around the christmas feasting table. Bring your christmas cracker humour to the table and Join us for a celebation of jewellery and Objects.

Participating artists

Marina Civiero
Momoko Hatano
Jessica McMullen
Jyoti Peart
Oliver Smith
Rosary Coloma
Anne Banham
Kristin D’agostino
Sharon Fitness
Lynsay Raine
Raewyn Walsh
Jane Bowring
Liana Kabel
Mark Vaarwek
Kath Inglis
Lauren Simeoni
Katherine Wheeler
Melissa Cameron
Natalia Milosz-piekarska
Coconut Lu
Karen Thompson
Nicholas Bastin
Ping Tay
Bridget Kennedy
Lucinda Swift
Melinda Young
Sonya Scott