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Looking to commission a new piece of jewellery?

I’m sensitive to the connection and meaning that jewellery can embody and enjoy sharing the process of making unique commissioned work. One of the things I love to do is to refashion tired and broken jewellery into new heirlooms. It’s fun to do and means less gold is dug out of our precious planet.

Inherited jewellery is often stored, hidden from view, filled with the memory of loved ones but never worn because it’s not to our taste. It’s such a waste to have these memories and materials locked away. I can help you use your existing gold and gemstones in a new way, creating new memories and meaning. If required, I can also work with new gold and stones.

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Below, you’ll find a short video of the process that goes into these remakeries, and some examples of past commissions.

A classic round organics bangle

An elegant  way to reuse your old gold is to make a bangle you can wear every day. The ‘organics’ range allows the making process to partly dictate the shape so while it’s round, it’s not 100% round – so you know it’s handmade! This bangle has a round profile to the wire, which takes a little longer to make than the square profile bangles. I add a little bit of sacrificial silver wire to the end, to fully utilise the gold. Otherwise there would be some wastage where the teeth of the drawtongs grab the metal when drawing down the wire to the desired shape and thickness.

Giving a signet ring a new life

This signet ring was brought in with some other old jewellery. It had some lovely engraving on the side which would have been a shame to lose. Instead of melting it to make a new ring, it was built up slightly to make it a little more substantial, and a sprinkle of diamonds were added for a bit of a difference. 

A special ring for a creative

The ring was for an interstate artist who’d previously purchased one of my ‘coming from nothing’ limited series (just 3 are made each year) and followed me on Instagram. A painter, the ring needed to be able to withstand everyday use, be tough, with a rustic and handmade look. Coincidentally, she was having a show in Sydney, so I made the time to visit, chat and gather inspiration from her work. It took a little longer than planned but it was a joy to let the creative making process dictate the end result.

Rings and earrings for Maria, and a pendant for her daughter

It was important to use the black stones in the rings and pendants as they had great sentimental importance. After testing all the metal, some was plated steel and other costume jewellery (sometimes that happens). There was still enough to make a series of everyday stacking rings, a pendant for her daughter, plus a bonus pair of pebble studs with the leftovers!

Unique earrings for a unique lady

An opal, a sentimental ring, and lots of gold to work with. One of the things I love about making new from old, is meeting interesting people and the stories behind the jewellery. M’s husband had Scottish heritage and there was sentimental meaning in the patterned element of one of the rings. This redheaded motorbike riding dynamo hadn’t yet pierced her ears but it was something she’d always wanted to have done, so earrings were to made! The opal was a beauty with flashes of red. The brief was to make sure NOT to have matching earrings. The shapes of the earrings echoed the opal. With enough gold to also make a pair of two-in-one earrings (they can be worn as studs or larger earrings) which could be worn together or with either the opal or ‘tartan’ earring.

An 18ct gold signet ring for a brother

With three small 18ct gold rings were transformed, forged into a signet ring for a special birthday.

A rethink of unloved white gold rings

White gold can be more challenging to reuse than yellow gold. On remelting it can become more brittle and is difficult to manipulate without cracking. With careful use of a small and hot flame, the three rings were fused and melted together to create a chunky ‘cigar band’ style ring with a row of diamonds echoing the flowing element of the ring shape.

A pendant to be worn close to the heart

An inherited ring from a sister who’s life was cut short. The aim was to make a complementing pendant to be worn in addition to an existing silver pendant worn every day.

A special engagement ring

Peter wanted this to be a surprise. This was a gorgeous and creative project. The brief was to use the large centre diamond of an inherited ring and an unusual Australian Parti Sapphire. The search was on! It took a while but one was sourced from a small miner in Queensland. We also used the existing gold to form part of the shank of the engagement ring. The ring was to be sturdy but not too chunky. Whilst this commission took a bit longer than expected, it was a great outcome!

Earrings and bangles

Whilst some of the heirloom jewellery supplied for these remakeries turned out to be gold plated (which can’t be used for remakeries), there was still plenty left to make an 18ct gold bangle, a silver bangle (which I forgot to take a pic of!), pebble studs from the remaining gold, and a pair of diamond and silver rectangle stud earrings.

Some very special remakeries to remember mum

.Heirloom jewellery often carries very special memories. This lovely customer wanted to remember her mum by having a single ring made that she could wear daily. We also converted an inherited strand of pearls into some jewellery that she’d wear more often.

What do do with all those diamonds

….but not have it look like an engagement ring? This lovely lady had been back a couple of times for various remakeries and we still had some gold and a few diamonds left to work with, including one larger ‘solitaire’. The end result, a version of my starry night’ series.

A teeny tiny cross

 I often alloy down my own gold to make specific alloys. This was for a tiny gold cross commission.

Ian’s wedding ring

Made from existing gold,  Ian, with a strong interest in all things sustainable, was looking for a unique and weighty ring with a rough hewn handmade texture.

Super rough and organic!

A rough hewn organics bangle made for an interstate client. Yes, it is possible to have something made for you if you live interstate. 

A much loved silver wedding ring is reconstructed!

This sentimental weathered silver wedding ring had received a beating over the decades,  was broken and had worn too thin to retain any structure. A new one was made as a replacement to celebrate a long and happy marriage.

Divorce Remakery!

What to do with that engagement and wedding ring safter a divorce, apply a load of heat and turn them into pebble diamond studs!

Floral inspired small pin for a florist

The brief was for a small silver pin to be gifted to a friend. Silver wire was rolled out and formed into a filigree flowery style. This style can also be made as pendants or earrings using your own gold.

Hand forged ‘ancient’ earrings

This lovely client came back for a second remakery. The brief was for hoop earrings in a natural, ancient organic style. The gold was melted, then handforged with the metal markings left rough hewn, yet refined, each earring slightly unique.

A ring inspired by grandma

The brief was to make a ring similar to one that had been made and worn by their grandma using existing gemstones and gold for the settings. It was a busy time of year, so the ring was made by both Regina, my bench mate and myself…many hands make light work!

Can we make some little stud earrings please?

There was enough metal in this white gold ring (sans gemstone) to make a small pair of asymmetrical pebble stud earrings with a soft satin finish.

Silver Cufflinks for her sons

Two pairs of ‘pebble’ cufflinks were made from existing silver and engraved with a maori koru to give to her sons to mark a special occasion.

Gold and diamond pendant and bonus bangle

Liana had quite a bit of gold, but alot were chains which can sometimes create an alloy which is more challenging to work. We used part of an existing ring to make the outer circular element and shortened an existing chain that belonged to her grandmother. The best quality gold was separated to make the bezel for setting the diamond and then, all the rest plus offcuts were melted into an ‘organics’ bangle.

White gold stacking rings

Inspired by another remakery, Felicity wanted to create a contemporary and natural set of white gold and diamond stacking rings from her rings that she no longer loved to wear. White gold can be more challenging to reuse, but not impossible. Three stacking rings were made, one each with a soitaire diamond, and the rest with a sprinkling of smaller diamonds.

His and Her wedding rings

This lovely couple wanted wedding rings made that echoed the shape of the pear shaped diamond ring I’d made previously. 

Keeping mum close

Sally wished for something she could wear every day to be made with her mother’s wedding ring. The brief was ‘simple’ and ‘minimal’. A small bean shaped nugget was made, (the shape conveying personal meaning. And an existing silver ring, worn daily, was reworked so that the gold snuggled nicely within the silver.

 A new engagement ring from old

This lovely young couple were on a tight budget with a limited amount of inherited material to work with. The 18ct gold was alloyed down to a lower carat to provide more material to work with with the family diamonds set into an elliptical shape

 ‘Confetti’ signet ring

This stylish lady had an abundance of old gold to work with and requested a signet ring that could be worn every day. The brief was rustic, organic, ancient, strong. A sprinkling of gemstones were added for some extra wow factor!

Mother and daughter remakery

Rhonda, a mixed media artist, wanted to have made a ring each for herself and her daughter, from jewellery she’d inherited from her mother. The yellow and white gold was split up and cleaned, with the gemstones removed. Two rings were designed to be similar, but not the same. White gold can be a bit tricky to work with in remakeries as some of the elements in the alloy can melt out leaving it brittle so this needs to be taken into consideration in the design. See Remakery FAQs

Two Gold and diamond bangles

This commission happened remotely. The client was someone who didn’t change her jewellery regularly and wanted to consolidate old and unloved jewellery into something she could wear every day.

The brief was for organic, handmade curved stud earrings with an uneven edge using existing gemstones (and not rose gold)!

For these earrings existing gold was used as well as new 18ct gold purchased. Originally the client requested a polished finish. As the making process evolved, I felt that the earrings would work better with a soft burnished finish which would also set off the gemstones nicely. The assymetrical settings provided a further unique element to the handmade look. Was super happy with how these turned out, and so was she!

Earrings made using meaningful rings

For this stylish client I utilised two existing eternity rings, transforming them into a pair of white gold hoop earrings, which jingled lightly to remind her of her dear husband who had passed.

An engagement ring made in collaboration with a creative couple

This was a super fun commission. Firstly I helped pick out a ‘key’ gemstone for the client and helped him make a ‘keeper’ ring with a difference. He then proposed with this keeper ring and made a time for them both to come in and design the ring together. Both of them work in creative industries and it just made sense to have them part of the design process and select other gemstones that she could relate to. It made for an even more meaningful engagement experience (and ensured that she’d be happy with the end result as well!). 

A little hug ring to provide comfort

Sometimes jewellery can embody incredible meaning. This ring was a very personal message from a mother to a daughter. I became a bit teary during this remakery and felt honoured to be given the opportunity to make this ring for this caring mum.

A wedding ring with a difference

A chunky round wedding bold band with a twist. Same but different. Forgot to take ANY progress shots on this one 🙂

Ruby, garnet and diamond Stackers

Jess was inspired by a set of my stock emerald pebble stacking rings. we used her exisitng gold and some existing gemstones to make her own white and yellow gold version. The rings can be worn alone or stacked together or with other rings. A great way to give new life to unloved jewellery! 

Remakery number three

After making a couple of ‘remakery’ rings for this Canberrian there was still some leftover gold. The brief for this stylish artistic lady were for a pair of gold and diamond stud earrings that weren’t too blingy and could be worn every day. So a pair of ‘understated’ organic gold stud earrings were made with three of her own diamonds assymmetrically set for a point of difference.

Nature inspired ring using an existing gemstone

The brief was for a nature inspired ring with an organic aesthetic for his partner, she’s a bioligist he said! Using an existing stone which has special meaning. Casting actual wood, a gold twig ring was created with the setting detail of an element wrapping around the gemstone.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Selina loves contemporary jewellery and had received numerous items of traditional gold and diamond jewels over the years from family. She wished to combine these various gifted jewels  into a pair of  stud earrings as well as a pendant that matched her aesthetics and could be worn more regularly.

An 18th birthday present for a niece who loves science

Using old gold and some provided images, a small diamond shaped pendant was create.

A ring to represent 50 years of marriage

I wanted this ring commission to embed the idea of 50 years of a marriage, the ups and downs, how it develops and enriches over the decades. Old gold was melted down into a disc. I drilled a hole in the centre, then hammered and stretched 50 times. Annealed the metal to resoften it and repeated the process until the ring was complete. After each 50 hammers, I took a photo. A slideshow was created showing the evolution of the ring. This was presented to the client alongside the ring itself.

A ring for him

Using gold that had been donated by their parents, the brief for this ‘remakery wedding’ band was for a simple wedding band, natural, and ancient looking with a subtle texture but not hammered! 

Classic soft elegance

A quantity of gold jewellery collected over a lifetime (including a gold filling!!), was converted into two classic soft edged rectangular profiled bangles to be worn every day. Before melting, the solder joins were removed. This can take time (particularly when chain is involved) but results in a better quality material to work with.The finish was a soft satin, which will gently burnish with time. Much better than leaving jewellery locked away and unloved in a jewellery box!

A remote ‘cross-country’ remakery

It was an honour to be trusted by an art teacher/farmer from WA, to remotely remake two rings for her from family jewels. The brief was something understated and elegant, no fine delicacy, but rather a piece that was organic, solid and geometric. The existing emerald was chipped but this was able to be neatly hidden in the end result. The second ring was to remake a treasured heirloom, with a more solid band and replace the CZ’s with green parti-sapphires.

A’melt’ remakery bangle with a sparkly sprinkle of diamonds.

Part of a gold coin was alloyed down to match an existing 18ct yellow gold leftover from a previous remakery, to form this ‘melt’ solid gold bangle with a sprinkle of existing sparkly diamonds added. Made for a very lucky daughter.

A 50th starry night!

Lots of sparkle to celebrate 50 years, without it costing the planet! We used one existing diamond and purchased a few more conflict free diamonds from a reputable supplier.

Two new rings from old jewels!

Two new rings were made from old gold and an existing amethyst and diamonds. The client didn’t like yellow, so we alloyed the metal to a creamy 9ct white. the amethyst ring was set iin a hand fabricated silver band.

Understated organic bling!

An existing remakery customer came back for seconds! The brief was to create a pair of simple organic slightly asymmetric and understated earrings so that these beautiful inherited diamonds could be worn every day.

A grandpa’s stone set for a daughter.

This lovely green sapphire was from a collection of hand cut gemstones inherited from father to son. Chris wanted to gift one of these stones that his father had cut himself, to his daughter as a ring.

A delicate remakery with a small addition.

This ring had sentimental value but the style was no longer loved by Helly, so we made it into something new!

Lost one of a favourite pair of earrings?

I can often make a replacement. Here’s a few examples. Can you pick which one was the original?

Shiny, shiny!

I don’t make much highly polished jewellery but this brief called for it. Julie’s vision was for a polished,  substantial ring that could be worn daily, using up various gemstones unset from old jewellery.

Another out with the old let’s start afresh ring!

Made from existing old gold, a cabachon opal and two small emeralds that were slightly damaged and a gift from an old relationship it was time for something new! Erin’s brief was for a rough, chunky organic ring that oculd be worn every day.The chips in the emeralds were hidden by using a rub over setting.

A charm bracelet with a gold nugget.

Matt’s was to make a special bangle for his partner, incorporating a found gold nugget and something pink (one of her favourite colours), within a budget.

A silver and gold diamond stacker.

Victoria wanted to incorporate her diamond and gold into an organic pebble style of ring that could be worn every day alongside existing silver jewellery. Not too ‘glitzy’ and to work with a relaxed personal aesthetic.

A very special signet ring in memory of a loved one lost.

Made from her jewellery for him to wear as a life long keepsake. A new signet ring was created in his size, with echoes of the design of her ring we made it slightly stronger visually to reflect the strength needed during times of heartache.

A matching set – pendant an earrings

Using old gold and jewellery collected over a number of decades, a new pendant and matching earrings were made.

A remakery with a client’s jewels and yellow gold.

With leftover stones from a previous remakery, we made another bangle and a ring.

From a ring to ruby earrings!

What to do with an engagement ring after a divorce? Cut it up and make some earrings!

A one of a kind engagement ring!

Salt and Pepper diamonds are in a class of their own. Unlike regular white diamonds, each one is unique. They’re a terrific option if you’re looking for a unique looking stone, think imperfection is beautiful, want to stand out with your choice and aren’t someone who conforms to society’s norms. These more affordable diamonds contain inclusions as a standout feature, providing the durability of a diamond.

A  gold remake of a special keepsake ring!

A remakery of a fine brass ring which had lots of memories. Remade in 14ct gold with a sturdier structure.

A  sprinkle of diamonds with a splash of red!

A remakery from a client’s old gold and selected gemstones. The brief was for a comfortable everyday ring with sparkle but not glitz!

A  bold ‘organics’ gold band

A remakery from a client’s gold. The brief was for a weighty solid ring, refined yet with the marks of the maker present.

A soft ‘melt’ ring

A remakery from a client’s gold to stack with an existing set of rings. The brief was for a soft gentle melted look

The understated Diamond pendant

A remakery from a client’s gold with a stunning inherited diamond. Not a ‘shiny’ woman, she didn’t want ‘bling’ and wanted something she could wear everyday. It was made to be reversable for an even more understated every day look when required.

A ‘twiggy’ engagement ring

Organic and natural, this engagement ring includes sapphires, tourmalines and rubies.

A pair of oxidised statement earrings

Custom earrings made for a special birthday, discretely including the initials of 3 children in the design.

A new ‘flow’ ring made from old gold and diamonds

The customer was looking for a ring that had width but with an open and flowy linear feel with her diamonds scattered around the band.

A new ring with lots of memories

A new pebble ring was made from meaningful jewellery that just wasn’t her style. Finished for her 32nd wedding anniversary, there was enough gold left over to make a replacement wedding ring for her husband.

How to make something great after a divorce!

White gold and diamond rings were melted down and some of the gemstones used to create this ‘starry’ joyful everyday ring.

A ‘memorial’ memento-mori ring to remember someone special

Made with little black diamonds, the brief was for the ring to have an organic, slightly rough look, showing marks of the maker.

A ‘Starry night’ 21st birthday ring

A lovely new keepsake was made from old gold and gemstones, to celebrate a daughter’s 21st birthday. This commission was completed during lockdown with ring sizes checked remotely and some live video feeds to check on design details.

From unloved to two new everyday rings

This heirloom jewellery was given a new life with two hand fabricated everyday rings using old gold and new gemstones.

A very special and unique way to propose to your partner

Using an unworn charm bracelet chain from childhood and some hand stamping to create a hand held object to represent the moment of proposal. (I also hold private workshops where you can make these special gifts yourself with your own stamping and mark making).

A recent remakery for an 18th birthday

Made using existing gold and gemstones from family inherited jewellery, the emeralds were quite worn. An ‘ancient organic’ style seemed to suit the patina of the gemstones. The client, and her daughter, were very happy with the pendant and I heard it’s been worn every day since it was gifted!


I call this my ‘Covid’ remakery

This commission for a pair of engagement rings was initiated at the end of 2019, then the couple went back overseas with plans to return for Easter. Well, we all know what happened next! This whole job was completed remotely, primarily using Facebook messenger with many pics and videos of progress. Made from old gold including pandora beads, the final rings were nervously internationally couriered to the recipients during the height of the pandemic. They arrived safely and all went well!

My first remakery of 2020

An unloved 18ct gold chain becomes a simple, creamy gold organics bangle. Now that gold will be worn again! All the ‘organics’ bangles are slightly wonky with their own personalities. I try not to work them too much but to let the making process dictate the shape.

‘New’ white and yellow gold ‘organics’ bangles

White gold can be a bit tricky to melt and rework but a solution was found!

Two matching silver rings

My first ‘instagram’ remakery. All done by post and many messages via social media!

A couple of ‘organics’ bangles

With a sprinkling of repurposed emeralds, sapphires and diamonds – all made from existing unloved jewellery

A new ‘ancient’ 18ct gold pebble ring

Hand fabricated with gold granules. I’d love to make one of these in gold if there’s anyone out there with enough gold to let me loose with it!

Embellishing a gold chain

The client wanted to add some elements to her existing gold chain to give it a new life. Some of her old gold was metled down and rolled thinly to create organic shaped elements that we wrapped around the chain.

 Last minute wedding rings!

Nothing like a last minute deadline to get the adrenaline rushing! Pretty happy with how these turned out using a combo of gold.

A special 21st birthday

This client brought in some of her mother’s old jewellery, wanting to transform it into a pendant for her granddaughter’s 21st birthday present. The finished product was a very meaningful gift for a milestone birthday!

A transformation

This client once purchased a pendant from me, and had since decided they would like to have it as a ring instead! A simple, structured gold band was added to the chunky, organic face. 

Stacking rings

The client’s old gold was melted down to make three delicate stacking rings. 5 small diamonds added detail to the stunning simplicity of the design. 

Lots for Lea!

This lovely lady brought me HEAPS of old gold; so we could start a few different projects! Firstly, we melted down the rose gold, removed the diamonds from some old rings and created some delicate stacking bangles.

Next, the old yellow gold was melted down. Some of this gold was refined into wire, which was then made into one of my ‘weave’ bangles.

Still plenty of old gold and stones left! The remainder was made into a chunky gold ring with one of the client’s old pear-shaped diamonds set into the band. 

Organic rethinking

Old gold was melted down to make a more natural organic shaped ring. Diamonds from an old ring were added to the organic design for detail.

New Styles

Plenty of old gold that was melted into a pendant and bangle that reflected the owner’s updated, more modern style. 

Signet change

This client no longer wore or used this signet ring. The gold was melted down and the stone re-purposed to make two pendants, which could be worn together or separately on gold chain.

Ring full of bling

As an avid gardener, this client wanted her old gold and diamonds remade into a ring with flower-like detail. No holds barred when it came to size and sparkle!

Commitment rings

A pair of similar but not identical wedding rings from inherited gold.

Rose Gold Earrings

A pair of shiny and bold rose gold earrings, with a floral hammered pattern, were made from inherited jewellery.

Memories of Mum

A large slightly organic weighty gold ring with an undulating edge with randomly sprinkled inherited diamonds.

Women Power

A pair of tiny earrings made for a lovely lady passionate about permaculture. She wanted to transform some unloved jewellery into a simple pair of organic style earrings. The three small pebbles at the bottom represent three women in the family… and there’s a special personal story behind the making of the work.

4 Generations

This darling woman brought in her mother’s and grandmother’s wedding and engagement rings to have a series of four stacking rings made using the gold and diamonds, to represent her grandmother, her mother, herself and her daughter. 

A Special Birthday

An elegant bangle  was made for a younger family member to celebrate a special birthday. The young lady did a lot of physical activity so she wanted something that was simple and not too delicate.

A Jewellery Update

This lovely lady had quite a few pieces of jewellery that she’d been given over the years by relatives. She wanted them remade into a number of rings that were more her style.

‘weave’ bangles

I’ve made a few of these now. The first one was for a lovely lady who used some of her old gold to make a gift for her granddaughter’s 18th birthday.

No sparkles please!

This client inherited some gold jewellery but never wore gold because it was too sparkly. She liked big tribal necklaces. So I made some organic medallions that could be strung on some of her beads to make a statement neckpiece and a pair of earrings.

Some other examples…

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