Bespoke + Remakeries

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Looking to commission a new piece of jewellery?

I’m sensitive to the connection and meaning that jewellery can embody and enjoy sharing the process of making unique commissioned work.

One of the things I love to do is to refashion tired and broken jewellery into new heirlooms. It’s fun to do and means less gold’s dug out of our precious planet. Inherited jewellery is often stored, hidden from view, filled with the memory of loved ones but never worn because it’s not to our taste. It’s such a waste to have these memories and materials locked away. I can help you use your existing gold and gemstones in a new way, creating new memories and meaning.

Below are some examples of commissions and remakeries. I can also work with new gold and stones if required.

A ‘twiggy’ engagement ring

Organic and natural, this engagement ring includes sapphires, tourmalines and rubies.

A pair of oxidised statement earrings

Custom earrings made for a special birthday, discretely including the initials of 3 children in the design.

A new ‘flow’ ring made from old gold and diamonds

The customer was looking for a ring that had width but with an open and flowy linear feel with her diamonds scattered around the band.

A new ring with lots of memories

A new pebble ring was made from meaningful jewellery that just wasn’t her style. Finished for her 32nd wedding anniversary, there was enough gold left over to make a replacement wedding ring for her husband.

How to make something great after a divorce!

White gold and diamond rings were melted down and some of the gemstones used to create this ‘starry’ joyful everyday ring.

A ‘memorial’ memento-mori ring to remember someone special

Made with little black diamonds, the brief was for the ring to have an organic, slightly rough look, showing marks of the maker.

A ‘Starry night’ 21st birthday ring

A lovely new keepsake was made from old gold and gemstones, to celebrate a daughter’s 21st birthday. This commission was completed during lockdown with ring sizes checked remotely and some live video feeds to check on design details.

From unloved to two new everyday rings

This heirloom jewellery was given a new life with two hand fabricated everyday rings using old gold and new gemstones.

A very special and unique way to propose to your partner

Using an unworn charm bracelet chain from childhood and some hand stamping to create a hand held object to represent the moment of proposal. (I also hold private workshops where you can make these special gifts yourself with your own stamping and mark making).

A recent remakery for an 18th birthday

Made using existing gold and gemstones from family inherited jewellery, the emeralds were quite worn. An ‘ancient organic’ style seemed to suit the patina of the gemstones. The client, and her daughter, were very happy with the pendant and I heard it’s been worn every day since it was gifted!


I call this my ‘Covid’ remakery

This commission for a pair of engagement rings was initiated at the end of 2019, then the couple went back overseas with plans to return for Easter. Well, we all know what happened next! This whole job was completed remotely, primarily using Facebook messenger with many pics and videos of progress. Made from old gold including pandora beads, the final rings were nervously internationally couriered to the recipients during the height of the pandemic. They arrived safely and all went well!

My first remakery of 2020

An unloved 18ct gold chain becomes a simple, creamy gold organics bangle. Now that gold will be worn again! All the ‘organics’ bangles are slightly wonky with their own personalities. I try not to work them too much but to let the making process dictate the shape.

‘New’ white and yellow gold ‘organics’ bangles

White gold can be a bit tricky to melt and rework but a solution was found!

Two matching silver rings

My first ‘instagram’ remakery. All done by post and many messages via social media!

A couple of ‘organics’ bangles

With a sprinkling of repurposed emeralds, sapphires and diamonds – all made from existing unloved jewellery

A new ‘ancient’ 18ct gold pebble ring

Hand fabricated with gold granules. I’d love to make one of these in gold if there’s anyone out there with enough gold to let me loose with it!

Embellishing a gold chain

The client wanted to add some elements to her existing gold chain to give it a new life. Some of her old gold was metled down and rolled thinly to create organic shaped elements that we wrapped around the chain.

A special 21st birthday

This client brought in some of her mother’s old jewellery, wanting to transform it into a pendant for her granddaughter’s 21st birthday present. The finished product was a very meaningful gift for a milestone birthday!

A transformation

This client once purchased a pendant from me, and had since decided they would like to have it as a ring instead! A simple, structured gold band was added to the chunky, organic face. 

Stacking rings

The client’s old gold was melted down to make three delicate stacking rings. 5 small diamonds added detail to the stunning simplicity of the design. 

Lots for Lea!

This lovely lady brought me HEAPS of old gold; so we could start a few different projects! Firstly, we melted down the rose gold, removed the diamonds from some old rings and created some delicate stacking bangles.

Next, the old yellow gold was melted down. Some of this gold was refined into wire, which was then made into one of my ‘weave’ bangles.

Still plenty of old gold and stones left! The remainder was made into a chunky gold ring with one of the client’s old pear-shaped diamonds set into the band. 

Organic rethinking

Old gold was melted down to make a more natural organic shaped ring. Diamonds from an old ring were added to the organic design for detail.

New Styles

Plenty of old gold that was melted into a pendant and bangle that reflected the owner’s updated, more modern style. 

Signet change

This client no longer wore or used this signet ring. The gold was melted down and the stone re-purposed to make two pendants, which could be worn together or separately on gold chain.

Ring full of bling

As an avid gardener, this client wanted her old gold and diamonds remade into a ring with flower-like detail. No holds barred when it came to size and sparkle!

Commitment rings

A pair of similar but not identical wedding rings from inherited gold.

Rose Gold Earrings

A pair of shiny and bold rose gold earrings, with a floral hammered pattern, were made from inherited jewellery.

Memories of Mum

A large slightly organic weighty gold ring with an undulating edge with randomly sprinkled inherited diamonds.

Women Power

A pair of tiny earrings made for a lovely lady passionate about permaculture. She wanted to transform some unloved jewellery into a simple pair of organic style earrings. The three small pebbles at the bottom represent three women in the family… and there’s a special personal story behind the making of the work.

4 Generations

This darling woman brought in her mother’s and grandmother’s wedding and engagement rings to have a series of four stacking rings made using the gold and diamonds, to represent her grandmother, her mother, herself and her daughter. 

A Special Birthday

An elegant bangle  was made for a younger family member to celebrate a special birthday. The young lady did a lot of physical activity so she wanted something that was simple and not too delicate.

A Jewellery Update

This lovely lady had quite a few pieces of jewellery that she’d been given over the years by relatives. She wanted them remade into a number of rings that were more her style.

‘weave’ bangles

I’ve made a few of these now. The first one was for a lovely lady who used some of her old gold to make a gift for her granddaughter’s 18th birthday.

No sparkles please!

This client inherited some gold jewellery but never wore gold because it was too sparkly. She liked big tribal necklaces. So I made some organic medallions that could be strung on some of her beads to make a statement neckpiece and a pair of earrings.

Some other examples…