So what’s so special about contemporary jewellery?

Contemporary jewellery can surprise you. It makes you think. How was it made? What’s that material? It tells a story. It’s for those willing to step outside the boundaries of traditional or mass market jewellery. It’s for those who appreciate skill, the handmade and unique design.  When you wear contemporary jewellery you’re connecting to individuals in a community. It’s beyond fashion, an expression of both you, and the creative journey of the artist.

My own jewellery practice is broad, covering both exhibitioncommissions, remakeriesrepairs and also production jewellery.
I love to experiment with materials and processes.  Check out some in the online shop.

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Palawan Pebbles

Palawan Pebbles, inspired by a walk along a pebble beach in Palawan, Philippines. At the end of the beach was a beautiful cooling, freshwater waterfall, which fell into cascading waterholes, before merging with the saltwater of the ocean. It was both incredibly invigorating and relaxing to spend time floating in the cool water after the long hot walk.

Coming From Nothing

Coming From Nothing was inspired by the freedom that both a place and mental space of emptiness can bring. It allows for fresh, new ideas and pure creativity. Every year a limited series of one off rings are made (usually 3)!

Rajasthani Lights

The Rajasthani Lights series incorporates emeralds, rubies and sapphires initially sourced while travelling in Rajasthan. Small dots of similar coloured resin are included, playing with the idea of precious vs non-precious. More recently I’ve started adding other gemstones. Memories of the richness and saturation of colour in India inspired this series.

Rajasthani Bands

Rajasthani Bands were inspired by the natural organic hand made quality of craftmanship in the streets of India. Originally using gemstones sourced on my travels to India, I’ve now expanded the range to include a broader range of precious gemstones. These designs can also be made using your own gold and gemstones from unloved jewellery.

Patterns of Flowers

Patterns of flowers collection. exploring repetition and colour, this series explores simplified forms found in nature.

Big Melt, Little Melt

Big Melt, Little Melt was originally inspired by the imagery of snow melting around new Spring growth. The warmth of the shoots melting the snow in little pools around the base where earth meets plant.