2013 – December – Jewels for a new world

10th December 2013 – 1st February 2014

Celebration Drinks  – Saturday 14th December – 4 – 6pm

Jewellery can transcend its physical reality and be a signifier of memory, or represent markers of the highlights of our lives. Jewellery encompasses our desires, the life cycles of loss and renewal or it can be a talisman, protecting us and bringing good fortune. With the horizon of 2014 in our sights, invited artists have created a body of work for our end of year exhibition ‘Jewels for a new world’, where they celebrate the past year, anticipate the new year and reflect on what contemporary jewellery means to them.

Participating artists – Karin Findeis, Vicki Mason, Anna Davern, Claire Townsend, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, Lisa Furno, Lina Peterson, Michelle Taylor, Bridget Kennedy.

image – Lina Peterson
Bridget Kennedy
Bridget Kennedy