Kimberley Exchange

Kimberley chose ‘506:15180’ which she exchanged for 8hrs and 26 mins of help editing a video

Correspondence used for the artwork ‘Many Hands: A year of exchanges and stories’

(1st part from insta)

If you need someone to edit the video I can do that – K

Cool. just discovered have some issues with sound  so may need to redo it – B

yeah I love the idea behind ‘year of time’. Sound issues are the owrst! If you had a lot of broll you could do a ‘voiceover’ of useable audio? Or is it mostly interview? – K

yeah a combo. Thinking, thinking. Will have another look tonight. So cool you want to be aprt of the project. If u send me a pic of the vessels you like I can let you know dtls of each. -B

Thanks! Let me know how you want to transfer the files and I’ll get onto it – K

don’t forget to choose your basket. – B

perhaps the tall middle one if it’s not taken – K

cool, it took 11 hrs and 56 mins to make. I’ll put it aside. – B

awesome, exciting! – K

hiya, L and I are going to do a bit of a rough cut to work from . He wants to know what software r u using? – B

ok cool! I’m using premiere pro – K

ok gr8. L has got a bit involved. I think he wanted to be a film editor in another life. Can I give you a call tomoz? Whats a good time? – K

ha ha no problem! Anytime between 11-4 – K

Would like to wrap up the exchanges and wondering how yours is going? When you have time, can you send me a pic  of your hands working on the Video editing exchange? Not sure how long you need to spend on editing. If you find that you don’t use up all the time I can work out something else you could do. – B

Hey B, Thanks for following up – I’ll get the image of my hands to you by the end of this week. Hope you’ve been having fun with the the project. Below is a link to your video. I didn’t make the full amount, so I’m not sure if I need to change to a more appropriate vessel. – K

Cool. Let me figure out the time thing. I don’t have many left. Or to make up the time you could do something else -B