make yourself at home

make yourself at home – Shirley Cho
29.3.18 – 21.4.18
drop in and visit the artist – Saturday 31st March 11-5pm.
Artist Talk, 2pm Saturday 7th April

Shirley-cho-egg-on-brush-object“My installations are an extension of my experience with jewellery as adornment for the body. Each object interacts with space and sometimes with other objects, exploring a different kind of physicality and relationship through form, materials and processes. With subtle details and as intimate as a piece of jewellery, the objects and installations are a narrative of my thoughts, observations and personal experiences. A narrative that remains open, changing and articulating itself in different spaces with different viewers.” – Shirley Cho.

Shirley Cho is an Australian artist of Korean heritage with a multidisciplinary background in Jewellery and Object Design as well as in Sculpture and Installation. With various experiences studying, working and living abroad, materials and processes together with spatial installations are a significant part of her art practice. Shirley is currently based in Germany.