Mariela Exchange
Mariela chose two vessels and exchanged them for 6 hours and 24 minutes of time helping in my garden

Correspondence used for the artwork ‘Many Hands: A year of exchanges and stories’

I wanted to c when it wld suit u for me to come over and help/work in exchange for ur beautifiul hand weavings…call me back when suits – M

Good morning. I am running later than I thought this morning. I think I will be there closer to 9, rather than 8. Is this still ok with u? M

Ok no probs –B

another update: good news: I have croissants. Not as good a news as the croissants: I will be there closer to 9:40am. Hope that’s still ok w u. Some delays in transport (and w me also) yet ½ way there – M

Ok – b

Are u still ok for me to come over for a spot of gardening this coming Tues and if so, 7am? M

Yep, sure am. 7am works for me. Looking forward to catching up – B

Perfect! Lets say between 7-8 (just in case). Yet I will try and be on the early end. Shall I bring coffee? Or croissants? Other?me too looking forward to catching up – M

We’ll do coffee. U bring Croissants. How does that sound? – B

Perfect. Will do! And 3 this time! – M

Just wondering if we’re still on because of the rain?! – M

It stopped here. Forecast to clear up in next hr or 2 and only 30% chance of rain b4 then. I’m still keen. If it pours down  we can find something to do iunder cover. – B

Ok. It stopped here too!! Will be there by 9 and bring croissants. C u soon – M

Hi, I’m getting on the 9:11 bus. Be there around 9:40 – M

May need to reschedule gardening on Mon arvo but wont know until 1st thing Mon. Is that too late notice or wld u like to reschedule? B

It’s actually perfect! As I got a shift on Mon morning too so rescheduling to later that day would be great!!! I finish at 3:30 so any time from 4:30 on would be good. M

Ok cool. I may need to change the date completely. Will let u know Mon morning if that’s ok – B

of course!! That’s all good. I’m flexi! Have a lovely weekend – M

OK looks like we’ll have to reschedule today. Does next Tues morning work? Or next Mon arvo? B

Sounds good to me. Will text u later when I look at my diary. Ta and have a great day – M

Ok – B

Hey M, does either tomorrow arvo 2pm onwards, Tues  morning or Fri arvo after 4pm work at all for our last gardening session? Or alternatively Mon 2nd or Tues 3rd? The garden is looking very lush with all the rain we’ve had – B

Hi, I’m sorry I haven’t got back to u yet. have been working lots and changing lots of shifts around. In any case, tomorrow around 2pm works perfectly fine for me as I’ll be in the area anyway. So I will c u then!! I will text u closer to the time to confirm the actual time I will be getting there. I look forward to seeing u and doing some gardening together. M

Fantastic! I also have another year of time person coming to help. I have ur vessel at home so when we finish we’ll take a pic of u holding it with ur hands – B

Sounds great! I didn’t get to grow my nails or have a manicure for the pic 😉 Will have to be just as I am. Looking forward to gardening tomorrow – M

Hi, I am wondering whether u mind if I change to Tues morning instead of today? Would that still suit? M

I am on my way there after all! There close to 2pm or just before M

sorry just go this msg – was teaching C U soon – B

We are just out collecting mulch. Back in 30 mins – B

Perfect! C u soon – M

How are u? And hope u’re having a lovely relaxing weekend!! I am happy to come tomorrow and help with the garden, if it suits u? I have to be at work at 1:30pm, will have to finish around 12. Does tomorrow morning work for u? Apologies about last Mon. It didn’t work out for me in the end, although all my intentions were there.– M

Good morning, unfortunately I can’t do tomorrow morning as have appt at 8am that will go for a few hrs. Could we possibly make it the following Tues morning? B

Not a problem re tomorrow. The following Tues I might be away with my boyfriend. Yet if plans change and I can make next Tues would I be able to come together with him? And we could do extra work between the two of us (I have to ask him first;) yet he loves gardening and he loves plants – M

Hey there I hope u had a nice time in the mountains. Just touching base to finalise our exchange. I have ur basket here! When would be a good time for u? B

Lovely to hear from u and I ‘ve been meaning to contact u since last week!! Apologies that I haven’t as I’ve been focusing on my studies (and also procrastinating too much) The time in Blackheath was wonderful!!!  As to finishing our last exchange, I would love to do it and receive the little baskets!! Without leaving it too long, would Mon 14th or Tues 15th suit? I have an assignment due in around that time yet I am working on having it finished by then hopefully. M

Fabulous! Looking forward to catching up. Either of those days work for me. Either afternoon after 1:45pm on Mon, or Tues morning. Need to leave for work by 1:15pm. Just let me know. Good luck with the assignment!! B

Lovely to hear from u and thank u for all ur good wishes. I am trying really hard to get on top of my assignments and to be on time. Would it be ok if I confirm with u by Fri  re those dates and if I c I am really stressed then could we make another date? I do want to finish it too, so will try not to keep on bending dates. Yet just as I really know myself it’s better if I ask u and let u know rather than last minute M

Ok cool. Will wait to hear from u. All good! Sending u lots of de-stress vibes re uni work B

Thank u. This is so thoughtful of u. C u soon. – M

Dear B, would tomorrow morning suit u if I came over to do the last little bit of gardening for this part of the project? Hope ur well M

Yes, that would be perfect. Cu then. I will just need to leave about 1pm for work – B

Ok, that’s great J I will aim to be there between 9-10am but if earlier, I will text u in the morning OK? Yay! C u tomorrow! – M

Good morning. Is 9:30 ok? And would u like some croissants? M

Yes, sure that would be lovely – b

Great J looking fwd to it. On my way, yet looking closer to 10. C u soon M

I am stuck in traffic – tunnel – about 20 mins away. Should have said an hour. Sorry B – M

Thank u so much for making our gardening exchange time together so powerful! I loved the whole experience and I love my beautiful artworks.