Melissa Cameron – A/US

Melissa Cameron – A/US
3/9/2020 – 10/10/2020

Virtual Artist Talk – 12noon – Sat Sept 12th

“My migrant experience was moving from Australia to the USA, and back again. These are politically very different places but share a lot in that they are now colonized, white-dominated and majority English-speaking countries. And they have lots of scrap steel lying on their footpaths, roads and in open spaces. In walking and learning a town I find steel sticks out at me. Sometimes I collect it, documenting my finds as I go. Recently I’ve taken to incorporating it in my work. In re-membering these objects I am making additional connections to the places I found them. Through changing the purpose and meaning of the finds I simultaneously alter and solidify my memories of those places. With this re-making my experience of place is continually being regenerated, and so continues to influence my present.” – Melissa Cameron, 2020.

The exhibition consists of two series of works. A collection of work made from steel collected in Australia (from a found green sales rack), and one from the USA.