Permaculture verge garden and residential food forest

Permaculture verge garden and residential food forest

My husband and I have spent time slowly developing a sustainable permaculture garden at home and on our verge for neighbours to share.

In 2013, I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate and in 2014, we were invited to open the garden for the last year of the fabulous ABC Open Gardens Australia event. In 2018, the garden was awarded first prize in the Edible Garden category of the Lane Cove Council Garden competition and in 2020 was filmed for ABC Gardening Australia Television show.

Although the garden is primarily edible, it visually looks like a regular garden. I’m particularly interested in creating low maintenance, edible gardens in smaller urban spaces, with a focus on perennial edible plants.

The garden contains a naturally designed aquaponic system that supplies us with trout and silver perch to eat, a banana circle, various fruit and citrus trees, all our herb and leafy green requirements as well as fresh eggs from the chooks. The verge garden is planted with primarily perennial edibles and herbs for the local community to share, interspersed with local natives and grasses.

The garden featured on ABC’s Gardening Australia on March 5th, 2021