We’re pleased to launch our 2018 exhibition program with ‘Sanguine’ and ‘Red – it’s not just a colour’

Welcome back!

bridget-kennedy-with-ship-cockatooAfter an amazing and inspirational kayaking trip to Southern Raja Ampat off the West Papuan Coast, I’m looking forward to the year ahead! We kick it off with our first exhibitions ‘Sanguine’ and ‘Red – it’s not just a colour’ opening on 1st March,  as well as a free pop-up jewellery making workshop, all part of THE RED PROJECT, a North Sydney Council Arts & Cultural event exhibiting artworks by 74 artists at 6 venues throughout the month of March, in celebration of creative women in North Sydney and International Women’s Day.

There’s also been an exciting new development with my ‘A Year of Time 1:30’ installation….stay tuned for details. The exhibition is on display in the gallery until 24th Feb, so there’s still a chance for you to participate. I’m looking forward to sharing 2018 with you!

1 – 24 March 2018

Opening drinks and artist talks Thursday 1st March 6-8pm.

Anita Larkin, Jenny Pollak & Margarita Sampson are three mid-career artists working in new media, found object & textiles; with work represented in major prizes and collections across Australia. In this exhibition they present new bodies of work responding to the idea of the ‘Sanguine’. Anchored in the body, their work is thoughtful, incisive and transcendent.

image:Jenny Pollak Bloodlines, 2016

RED – it’s not just a colour

1 – 24 March 2018

A  group collection of red inspired jewellery by female Project Space artists.


Your last chance to view and partipicate in ‘A Year Of Time 1:30’ is Saturday 24th Feb. The installation explores notions of value and exchange and invites the viewer to ‘purchase’ an individual object by exchanging either the equivalent amount of time or in monetary currency, the number of minutes that the buyer considers that time is worth.
image: Michael’s hands with 263:7890 after exchanging 4:23min of time


We welcome Inari Kiuru as a new gallery artist. Inari  is a Finnish-born, Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist. She interprets seasonal changes and lightscapes within urban environments, working with experimental and traditionally industrial materials such as concrete, glass and steel. Impeccably made, with a beautiful sensitivity to material and process, there’s a certain poetry to these very collectible enamel  pieces.
image: ‘Night falls over Brunswick’, pendant, 2017, enamel, glass, 9ct gold, blackened 925 silver chain, copper $480.

Love is in the air! Yes, Valentines Day is almost here and while we all deserve a special gift on occasions (and you can find heaps of very special ones at the gallery), I wanted to share a gift which doesn’t cost the earth…and that’s to ask your partner something new… like ‘what’s the most interesting conversation you’ve had recently?’ or ‘which talents do you wish you had?’ Another romantic idea could be to make your own wedding rings together. We have two locations available, North Sydney or the stunning Blue Mountains.Get in touch for details. Here’s to love!
See you soon.

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