A Year Of Time

‘A Year Of Time 1:30’ is the result of a year as ‘Artist in Residence’ at 53 Ridge Street North Sydney. For the last nine years, part of Bridget Kennedy’s art practice has been placed within the gallery or public arena. ‘Gallery as Practice’ has provided an opportunity to observe participation and exchange between jewellery and objects, and the community. The experience of how people interact with the jewellery-object, the values placed on the works and the choices made, has increased a curiosity in exploring these ideas further.

This installation of small handheld woven basket-like objects was made over the calendar year of 2017; sometimes during shared public ‘craft and coffee’ events held at the gallery but also in private. ‘A Year Of Time 1:30’ is a physical manifestation of the observation of the passing of one calendar year, highlighting the labour of the handmade. A log of the minutes taken to stitch each object was kept, and a small silver disc with these details was stamped and attached to each object, every minute representing 30 minutes of time in a calendar year. Created from natural fibres and recycled plastic bags, primarily sourced from her home environment, the work is process driven, with each object evolving in relation to the previous one.

The installation explores notions of value and exchange and invites the viewer to ‘purchase’ an individual object by exchanging either the equivalent amount of time or in monetary currency, the number of minutes that the buyer considers that time is worth. The work was exhibited at Bridget Kennedy Project Space, December 2017.

A_year_of_time_roomsheet with RRP HH:MM

A Year of Time installation shot
A Year of Time 1:30 - Installation View

Rethinking Value: The Essence Of Time

Throughout 2018, the individual objects were then ‘purchased’ through negotiated exchanges and time shared. Any cash that was received was then woven into a ‘currency basket’. The resulting exhibition ‘rethinking value: the essence of timeexhibited at Bridget Kennedy Project Space in December, 2018, showcased the goods and services that were offered in exchange for the forms and the interactions that occurred around these exchanges. The total hard currency received, $670 AUD was woven into a ‘currency basket’.
Rethinking value: the essence of time roomsheet

Anita Exchange
Anita - felted object
Brenda and Nicole Exchange
Nicole and Brenda - help with threads
Brett Exchange
Brett - oil painting
Can Exchange
Can - woven basket
Chloe - a mixed media artwork
Chloe - a mixed media artwork
Chris Exchange
Chris - help with SEO on website
Clare Exchange
Clare - help in the gallery
Corinne Exchange
Corinne - help at home
hand holding woven vessel
Di - Cooking food and cash
elaine year of time
Elaine - a stitched memento
Judi exchange
Judi - exchanged for cash
Kimberley Exchange
Kimberley - help editing video
Laura Exchange
Laura - singing at 'Sing and Soul' Fundraiser
Lindie Exchange
Lindie - embroidered linen
Lisa F exchange
Lisa F - woven basket
Lisa Exchange
Lisa G - woven basket
Lorelle Exchange
Lorelle - help with bookkeeping
Luke Exchange
Luke - video help and trip planning
Maree Exchange
Maree - gardening help
Mariela Exchange
Mariela - gardening help
Marton - Year of Time exchange basket
Marton - delivery of a compost toilet and cooking for 'Sing and Soul'
Matina year of time basket exchange
Matina - cooking vegetarian food
Mel Exchange
Melinda - woven vessel
Michael exchange
Michael - help documenting the project
Michele - coiled vessel
Michele - a coiled vessel and small mixed media work
Paras Exchange
Paras - interview questions for a video
Fiona Exchange
Possie - exchanged for cash
Rowena Exchange
Rowena - gallery admin and threading
Rowena Exchange
Rowena - help with threads
Sarah Exchange
Sarah - surfing lessons and help with cooking
Shaun Exchange
Shaun - moving pebbles
Shirley Exchange
Shirley - letter about time
Sonya - graphic design & insta
Stefania Exchange
Stefania - website help
Susan Exchange
Susan - cash and Instagram
Susie Exchange
Susie - cash and flowers
Szilvia Exchange
Szilvia - picking up work and patching up walls
Tracey Exchange
Tracey - making time manifest
Vicki Exchange
Vicki - woven vessel
Wendy D Exchange
Wendy D - cooked meal
Wendy Exchange
Wendy - shoe-making lessons