Remade-Reloved 2023

Curated by Bridget Kennedy for Australian Design Centre, this group installation features 12 makers who have repurposed costume jewellery and other found objects into new pieces. Remade-Reloved celebrates the opportunity for renewal. Each maker has converted the discarded and unloved into the precious – using less to create more. In creatively and actively repurposing, the makers present us with ways of writing new narratives and reassessing our meaning of precious.


Craft Up Late Tuesday 10 October, 6 – 8pm,
For the Sydney Craft Week Festival, The Australian Design Centre is opening late so you can see the exhibitions, enjoy a glass of wine and join a conversation about the shopfront exhibition Remade-Reloved.
Curator Bridget Kennedy and contemporary jewellery artists Kirsten Junor and Melinda Young, talk about how they remade broken and discarded costume jewellery into new work.

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Melissa Cameron

The work uses retired jewellery pieces along with stainless-steel cable to string the parts together.

The ‘rapidly-closing-window’ series extends my habit of hiding messages in jewellery and wall works. Most often I create pieces that use colour to represent the 1’s and 0’s of binary encoding, which can then be decoded using ASCII/binary to reveal a hidden message. Left-to-right, this piece is the most literal so far, in that the arrangement of parts is the 0’s of washers against the 1’s of short lengths of copper-plated steel, cut from a pile of twelve formerly silver-plated bracelets.

The piece reads:

“rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable & sustainable future for all IPCC 2023”

Published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a part of their AR6 Synthesis report, this sentence appears in their Headline Statements document, and was brought to my attention by Damian Carrington via The Guardian article Humanity at the climate crossroads: highway to hell or a livable future? in March 2023.

Bridget Kennedy

Unchained and knotted up Series – Things became a bit unhinged when working with this material. Usually I know what materials I’m working with and the challenge here was discovering that things were not always as they seem. The body of work became, in reality, an experimental research project and the outcomes are prototypes, and priced accordingly (they should all be ok but no returns on these!). It all took longer than planned. I was drawn to the repetitious elements of the chain, I wanted to tame the elements, yet allow the movement and fluidity of the original to slide off the surface, swinging freely. I’m excited now and want to explore these elements further!