Scents of Place Neckpiece and bangles – 2005

scents carry  the memory of place

trailing along as the path is walked

weight of reference

trips over  links to the past,

 slowing the journey

with time collecting new fragments,

wearing, breaking

letting go

leaving  the backbone

 the  essence.


2 metre neckpiece, handsawn aluminium links covered in beeswax (graded in colour), zinc oxide, sterling silver.

The 20cm of small sterling silver links represent the ‘core’, the ‘essence’ that memory or place is reduced to. The chain of graduating wax links which very slightly fade in colour from beeswax to a soft white represent memory. The darkest links, the oldest memories, with the bottom, white, largest elements of this chain trailing along the floor. When worn, collecting time, memory, scent, marks, colour.


A series of two objects –  ‘Armbands’, 2005, Stainless Steel, Beeswax.