Bespoke Commissions

One of the things I love to do is to refashion tired and broken jewellery into new heirlooms. It’s fun to do and means less gold’s dug out of our precious planet. Inherited jewellery is often stored, hidden from view, filled with the memory of loved ones but never worn because it’s not to our taste. It’s such a waste to have these memories and materials locked away. I can help you use your existing gold and gemstones in a new way, creating new memories and meaning. Get in touch.


I also do repairs that traditional jewellers might reject. Often people don’t realise that their jewellery can be repaired, or they’ve taken it to a tradition jeweller who has said, ‘it’s not worth it’, or ‘throw it out’ or ‘we can’t help you’. I like a challenge and believe that most things can be repaired or if not, may be able to be made into something new. As well as helping out on simple costume jewellery repairs at the Repair Cafe Sydney North, I undertake jewellery repairs at my workshop and also hold pop-up Jewellery Repair cafes in the North Sydney workshop. If you’re missing an earring, I can often remake another to match. Get in touch.


Looking for some personal attention? I offer private teaching, mentoring and group workshops. Whether you want to hone up on a few skills, have a couple of projects you really want to immerse yourself in, or just like the idea of that personal touch when it comes to learning, I can help.

I also offer one on one mentoring for emerging jewellery artists who’d like some guidance on developing a collection, approaching galleries or managing their creative practice.