2011 – February – Showcase Exhibition – Rui Kikuchi

Showcase exhibition – New works by Rui Kikuchi

1st – 19th February 2011

Rui, recently returned to her birth country after being brought up and educated in Sydney. This new body of playful and experimental pieces could be seen to resemble marine life, reflecting and recognising the simple beauty of the world around us is in response to her observations of consumption in Japanese society.

In manipulating an abundant material in the human world, such as the PET (polyethylene teraphthalate) bottle, her aim is to consider the mundane object and recognise beauty within it. In extending our humility to see a value in these materials, it is her hope that we reduce the nonchalant use of goods and that can lead us to experience wonder in the everyday.

The artist will be in attendance at opening drinks on Tuesday 1st February between 6-8pm. Please join us in celebrating her work.