susan exchange
Susan chose vessels 255:7650 and 148:4440 which equated to 4 hours and 15 minutes, and 2 hours and 28 minutes respectively. She exchanged these for cash at $25 per hour, and help with Instagram.

Correspondence used for the artwork ‘Many Hands: A year of exchanges and stories’

BK: Hi S, Am back from holidays and madly catching up on things, including this project! You choose two objects which you chose to exchange for cash and time. 255:7650, which equates to 4h and 15 min which you chose to exchange for cash at a rate of $25 per hour for time. Total $106.25. The other was 148:4440 which equates to 2hrs and 28 minutes of time, which you were going to exchange for social media help. If you’re still cool with doing this, would you like to come over and do it in a single block? Or a shorter time? I think we originally spoke about doing it at the same time as melting your gold. – B

BK:  Hi Sue, noticed that you booked into the free workshop – cool! Just following up on the email below. Are you still interested in participating? I have your vessels here for you. I checked and don’t have a record of cash being received for the part payment but I could be mistaken. When would you like to make a time for you to help do some social media stuff, basically I need help with either listing online events for upcoming exhibitions or researching on Instagram. Alternatively, if you’d like to do something else that you would prefer to do that works for us both that would be fine too. Please let me know if you’d still like to be involved as I’d like to wrap up the exchanges by end of May. If it’s no longer of interest, that’s totally cool but do let me know so I can cross you off the list and stop hassling you 😀 – B

S: Hi Bridget, apologies for not being in touch …I think you are right about the payment. I can’t find a receipt so let’s square that away & I would love to come & do some work for you either or both tasks would be absolutely fine with me. I have been through the wringer & back in the last few months so you will have to forgive me for being off the radar. Robert & I have had time apart because of his behaviour & that’s has been horrible for both of us – anyway I have decided after time apart that I want to make things work so we are in a better place with a lot of soul searching & help. I have also withdrawn from the MFA – just realised in all the shit that has gone down that I don’t need to do it. So now I can explore other creative avenues as well as paint. So I would love to explore object making as a part of my practice. Let’s talk about that!  I have also realised that the jewellery repair day I booked into is on when I’m in South Korea , sorry to be such a pain. I’m sure you will be able to fill the place! I’m away next week, in Adelaide but back Sunday week so can we meet that week? I’m off to Korea on the 12th of May so anytime really before then. Send me the details for payment & I will rectify that today.  Apologies once again, Bridget. – S

BK: Oh you poor thing, sounds like life’s been really tough lately. So glad to hear that you and Robert are working things out….relationships can be so challenging sometimes. No probs at all re the repair day. Will take you off the list. Re the payment for the vessels, here are the bank details – Bsb 012-315 account 370156141. Would be so great to catch up.  How about Wed 2nd May? Does that work for you? Did you want to do your 2hrs and 28mins then and also catch up for coffee? I’m here all day from 11-5pm (or can do Thurs or Friday too). Must be a bit of a load off with the decision re the MFA…sometimes we just need to ‘make’….looking forward to seeing you and hearing your news…..Korea sounds fascinating. – S