Thanks Mel Young! We love your fuzzy little bottoms!

April already! We had a lot of fun with our Glorious Food exhibition for ArtMonth in March.

Bridget’s Lipoma Lemon (miracle-gro) brooch provided delicious inspiration for a lemon tart dessert created by Luke Mangan for the Visual Feasts dinner, a collaboration between the 2 Danks St galleries and the renowned chef.

Bridget Kennedy, Lipoma Lemon (miracle-gro) brooch
Bridget Kennedy, Lipoma Lemon (miracle-gro) brooch, 2012
Luke Mangan's delicious lemon tart
Luke Mangan’s delicious lemon tart for Visual Feasts









Continuing her long interest in food related art, during ArtMonth Bridget exhibited new works of electroformed and gold plated food, Eat Me!, as well as her fabulous oversized rice neckpiece  food for thought: Cultured (bleached).  Her asparagus pendants were a great favourite and drew much attention.

A special thank you to Mel Young and all who attended her ArtMonth talk.  We love Mel’s colourful works and are always amazed by the diversity of her quirky pieces. Her Apricot Delight neckpiece drew our favourite comment of the month “They’re like fuzzy little bottoms!”

Mel Young's ArtMonth talk (with Bridget Kennedy's Eat Me! series on the wall)
Mel Young with admirer (with Bridget Kennedy’s Eat Me! series and food for thought neckpiece on the wall)


Melinda Young, Apricot Delight Neckpiece (the fuzzy little bottoms)
Melinda Young, Apricot Delight Neckpiece (the fuzzy little bottoms)