Tokyo fish markets


Bridget here – in Japan. I LOVE IT! was cruising the fish markets tasting lots of yummy food and checking out the knife shops while waiting to get into a sushi restaurant that had been recommended to me when who do I bump into??? LISA FURNO from Enmore! Lisa is a practitioner, recently graduated from the Design Centre, who after spending some time working in the tool store, is currently travelling the world! ummm….what’s the population of yokyo?? I think 10 million! yep, it’s a small world…………in Kyoto today and off to visit Rui (another great contemporary jeweller) and to meet Fumiko 
Tsubo who is an instrumental figure in the jewellery community in the Kansai region….and then we’ll take the train to Itami and see the school and the  Japan Jewellery Competition exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Crafts…….then tomorrow night we’ll be sleeping on the ‘Art Island’, Naoshima….