Wakey Wakey- Yvette Nemeth

Wakey Wakey- Yvette Nemeth

7 July – 30 July 2022
Celebration Drinks – Saturday 9th July, 2 – 4pm


Wakey Wakey is an ongoing series of work that aims to critique patriarchal narratives that have villainized women, through the demonization of female sexuality and the perpetuation of rape culture. This work uses photography and jewellery making to explore the relationship between the natural and the artifice. The jewellery conceptually and visually reflects the images through incorporating vivid unnatural hues, with the intention of resisting traditional representations that have been created in order to paint women in a negative context. The mythological narrative of Medusa, alongside the story of Sirens, has been explored in order to reveal aspects of victim blaming, toxic masculinity and the villainization of female sexuality.


This work has been largely influenced by my own lived experience, as a woman with a European ancestry.  Wakey Wakey uses a camp aesthetic, appropriation and collage, to resist traditional representations of classical European myths, with an aim of showing these characters as multifaceted beings. The use of self-portraiture has the intention of providing a feminist critique, by dismantling traditional gender roles, as the woman has complete autonomy over her representation. The absence of visible nipples and genitalia aims to highlight the oversexualisation and censoring of women’s bodies. In all the images the gaze is returned, suggesting that the woman herself has consented to being viewed, aiming to induce a sense of power, autonomy and control. By reclaiming these narratives and creating modern adaptions of these mythological figures; I’m empowering narratives that have been used to villainize the female body.



This series and other handmade jewellery will be available for sale throughout the exhibition.



Yvette’s work, ‘Wakey Wakey’, will be exhibited from the 7 – 30 July 2022
Venue: Bridget Kennedy Project Space, 53 Ridge St North SydneyYv



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