wendy woven vessel
Wendy’s chosen vessel, 207:6210, equated to 3 hours and 27 minutes of time. In exchange, she gave me a shoemaking lesson, showing me how to make happy shoes!

Correspondence used for the artwork ‘Many Hands: A year of exchanges and stories’

W: Hi B, what a simply fantastic idea. I would love to be part of it.  I would put myself down for the 4 hours it would take to make a pair of happy shoes for you (aka kung-fu shoes, chinese slippers etc).

W: We’ll be away between Boxing Day and Jan 5, but after that would be a good time (for me) to start on a shoe project.  Would you have some time then? We could make a start, with one session, and follow-up later.  I love all your baskets, and in a way it’s most fortunate not to have to
make a choice myself, but to go as fate chooses

BK: Am also away until then so that would work well. Am very excited about the shoes! Would the morning of either the 10th or 12th work to come over?

W: let’s go for the 10th, I’ll write it in my diary.

BK: Does 11am work on the 10th?

W: Yes, 11 sounds good.I just found a pair of japanese tabi-socks at the local Goodwill shop!  Must be a sign.Happy Christmas.

BK: Just want to confirm that the shoe appointment is Wednesday not Thursday. You mentioned Thursday yesterday but I had it in my diary as Wednesday. I have someone coming into the gallery this Thursday at 11, but if Wednesday doesn’t work I can see if I can change them.

W: Wednesday is fine.  It was a slip of the pen, corrected now!  I appreciate you checking/reminding/confirming! bring a couple of pairs of your shoes – ones you’re comfortable wearing.  I can use them to illustrate the plusses and minuses of different construction styles, for comfort and fit.

BK: Thank you so much for teaching me to make the shoes. It’s added a lovely dimension to the project. I haven’t finished them yet though! I’ve attached some pics of baskets that match the time we exchanged.

W: it was SO much fun getting back into shoemaking in company again, and you left my craftroom full of shoemaking energy…!