2012 – May – ‘Wood Weaves’ – An Morison & ‘Joias Coloridas’ – Mary Odorcic

Two exhibitions opening

17th April – 5th May 2012

Celebration drinks Saturday 21st April 2012 – 4 – 6pm

‘Wood Weaves’ – An Morison

Kinetic and sensory jewels inspired by nature and the bundling of its elements such as sticks and leaves, stones and pebbles, twig nests and tree branches.

This body of work explores the idea of layering and movement to create very personal body weaves. Each piece is unique and changes shape and form according to the individual.

An’s jewels are made up of individually crafted elements made from layered, exotic and durable timbers including, ebony, zebrano and sycamore. They also incorporate combined and inlayed sterling silver, perspex and resin. Their flexible jointing encourages them to fall on the body in infinite patterns and relationships. How the piece is worn aims to ultimately express an uncomplicated and simple statement.


‘Joias Coloridas– Mary Odorcic

Joias Coloridas means coloured jewels in Portuguese. It is also the name of the latest body of precious jewellery works inspired by Mary Odorcic’s recent travels to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Each piece depicts elements inspired by parade masks, including their shape, eyeholes and patterns.

Mary’s new collection celebrates the colour and vibrancy of Carnival through coloured gems, resin and silk. She pays tribute to the rich grand costumes by attaching the jewels and precious metals, by stitching with silk.