vicki woven vessel
This small vessel (76:2280) made from vintage legal tape took 76 minutes to make and was exchanged with Vicki from Instagram, who made another vessel for the same amount of time. There were quite a number of emails sent back and forth for such a small vessel.

Correspondence used for the artwork ‘Many Hands: A year of exchanges and stories’

V: Hi Bridget, Thank you for sending the explanation instructions for your project. I would have liked to make something and send it up to you from (Melbourne). I am unsure if I am donating it or it will eventually be posted back to me (at my cost). Please advise what is the deadline. I understand that I document the time taken to make the piece and also include a photo (active hands) when I send it up. I am not sure what I could offer being in Melbourne time wise. Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. Cheers, Vicki

BK: The idea is that you select one of the available vessels from the ‘Year of Time’  project and exchange it for doing something for the same amount of time (there are just a few left). For example, I have people in Brisbane and Melbourne making other baskets that match the same amount of time that it took for me to make the basket they have selected. I then receive their completed object (and a log of the time they spent) to keep and then I send them the vessel they selected, to keep. So basically, my objects are purchased with ‘time’, not money…and for the exact same amount of time. The materials included in the vessels, including the little silver disk are not part of the equation. At the end of the year, all the exchanges (and associated documentation) will be exhibited in another exhibition. I am hoping to finalise all the exchanges by the end of May/June. I can send you a picture of the vessels that are still available, and the amount of time that you would need to exchange, if you are interested.

V: Bridget, thank you and yes please send the photos and details of what is remaining. I would love to exchange one for one of mine and spend the same amount of time creating it. This is a very inspirational project and you are to be admired.

BK: Hi Vicki, sure thing. I am now on holidays until 1st May so will be able to take a pic when I’m back in the gallery.

BK: Hi Vicki, just back from a short break. Here’s a pic of what’s left. They range in time from 75 minutes to 851 minutes of exchanged time. Let me know what sort of time amount you would like to exchange or any particular vessel you’re interested in. BridgeF

V: Sorry l am still interested. What is the smallest project in hours? I am far away from you. What do you recommend I do? Create something ? Vicki

BK: Hi Vicki, the smallest one is the little teeny pink one which is 76 minutes (made from vintage legal tape). It’s approximately 5.5cm in diameter. Would you like to make a basket in exchange – that takes 76 minutes to make? I would need you to take a work in progress shot of your hands, and then also commit to taking another picture when you receive your vessel, of your hands holding it (You need to do it with a white backround – like the ones on Instagram). What do you think?

V: Yes I will x

BK: Ok cool. Looking forward to you being part of the ‘Year of Time’ exchange project! BK x

V: Howdy BK, I have finished my tiny basket and my neighbour took a snap of my hands working it. Where do you want me to post it to etc. I finished coiling the basket in the same time as your pink one. I did sew some Job’s tears seeds around the edge after.

BK: Fantastic! Please post to PO Box 1341, Lane Cove, NSW 1595. I’ll post your tiny one back to you at the address below. When you get it can you take a pic of your hands holding it (like in the instgram pics). You can email me the pics of the hands working to this email address. As high a resolution as possible pretty please! Will send you deets of the final exhibition at the end of the year. Thanks so much for being a part of the project. Bk x

BK: Hi Vicky, I received your lovely basket today! Now am not sure if you sent me pics of your hands working on the basket but I don’t seem to have them. I did have a major email fail where I accidentally deleted a heap of emails off my server and yours might have been one of them. Could you please email them through to me again…as high a resolution as possible. I will post your tiny basket off to you in the next couple of days. Could you please take a pic of your hands holding it (with white background) and then I’ll be able to post it on social media. Thanks for being involved in it and I’ll keep you up to date with developments in the project. Bridget X

BK: Thank you these are great! Is there any possibility that you have higher resolution versions as these have come through at just over 100kb each. If not, no dramas but they may just be very small images when printed.

BK: Hi Vicki, thanks for sending through the pics of your hands working on the basket. When you get a chance, can you please send me a high res pic (1 meg min) of your hands holding your vessel so I can finish off your exchange. Thanks so much!

V: Hi Bridget, I have been thinking about it. I had my bunion and big toe operated on 2 weeks ago and finally am able to get up etc. Painful! My sister is coming around soon and I will ask her to take the photograph. I hope you are feeling a bit better today. Vicki

BK: Hi Vicky, I hope your bunion is getting better. I’ve heard it is a very painful operation. Thank you for sending these images through. Unfortunately I am unable to use them as they are very small in file size and not the right format. A couple were out of focus as well. I need them to be at least 500kb and preferably 1meg, as they will be printed in a small book. I’ve attached some pics of how to take the photo, so that your hands have a clear white background and are holding the  vessel in a similar way to all the others. Sorry that you have to do this again but it is important as it’s a key part of the project. Kind regards, Bridget

V: Hi Bridget, I hope that you can use one of these photos. Cheers Vicki